If I Were an Anime Character

A student thought an appropriate end of year present for her theology teacher would be a homemade card with a clever anime picture of her theology teacher on the front and a list of funny things or weird things I said in class.  I don’t think I’ll be sharing the list of sayings, though some … Read more


[Recently I’ve been teaching my sophomores about time and eternity. If you ever want to see a group of teens talk about something that is fascinating and confusing just start talking about God’s existence outside of time. I promise, it will lead to a good class discussion. WE had just finished reading an essay by … Read more

Week 1 is Done

Alright, though I’ve already been hard at work being the new Director of Campus for nearly a month now, school itself has only been in session for one week and so far so good. I’m teaching one class of 8th grade Intro to Catholicism and one 10th grade Sacraments/Church History class. The rest of the … Read more