The Silence of the Creeds on Sola Scriptura

[A certain well know Catholic Apologetics group refuses to reply back to my email regarding the possibility of running this show essay, so I post it for your review and comments.  I for one have not heard Sola Scripture argued from the point of the Creeds of the Catholic Church.] If sola scriptura, in any … Read more

St. Benedict: A 6th Century Saint for the 21st Century

Over at Homiletic and Pastoral Review, an essay I wrote on St. Benedict is making the rounds on the usual Catholic news aggregators. Here is the intro to the Essay:  Chesterton wrote that “it is the paradox of history that each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most.” He argues that this is the reason … Read more

Why the Conscience Argument Did not and Will not Work Against HHS

American understanding of conscience:  Whatever I feel or think to be right.  For an extreme instance, “My conscience tells me it is right and ok for me to torture puppies.” Catholic understanding of conscience: Deep within his conscience man discovers a law which he has not laid upon himself but which he must obey. Its … Read more

When Physics Becomes Metaphysics: Books Review for “New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy”

When Physics Becomes Metaphysics Taking karate as a child, my instructor used to tell his students that the two most dangerous degrees of skill in the world of karate are the black belt (highest degree and most skilled) and the white belt (lowest degree and least skilled).  The student who achieves the degree of black … Read more

Not Said by Jesus Sunday: 10 Talents

This week’s Sunday Gospel, got me thinking about the whole Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Of course, greed does not fit with the Gospel message, and neither does the sense of entitlement that is become the norm amongst parts of the younger generations.  It calls to mind what is written in Acts where all Christians received … Read more